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Learn through popular social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram to engage learners in the way they learn best. Reach large-scale learners with our AI-powered solution, ENTIREFY, which provides a foundation of different concepts in a more impactful way.

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#1 Early Engagement Learning Management System(EES)

ENTIREFY helps organizations streamline learner's enrolment, mentor's onboarding process, teaching content and reporting needs.






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Take over training in a new form with existing popular apps

Popular social platform:
Seamlessly connect our engaging distributor training platform with social apps including WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram messenger for easy learning and training masses without switching between apps.

Automate alerts and notifications:
Push the latest alerts, reminders, notifications, and more in a fraction of the time.

98% opening rates:
Reach a multitude of people and share relevant content in form of various media like images,

How can we assist you?

ENTIREFY provides a framework that handles everything from employee training to tracking the training content. It enables organizations to streamline their tasks by deploying personalized training programs and micro lessons. It also assesses both individual and organizational learning goals by measuring learning progress.

ENTIREFY offers a smart platform to motivate students by delivering easily customized content, leveraging various pedagogical models, and engaging students in a much better way. It also helps mentors keep track of a learner’s progress in terms of course completion, identification of knowledge gaps,participation, and engagement levels, and time used to complete a particular course.

ENTIREFY helps governments upskill public sector employees, the public, and other stakeholders. It helps modernize training through micro-lessons and increases engagement by educating readers about new developments and processes. It also ensures the government tracks and reports user's' training status. It provides valuable and relevant information to users and keeps them up to date

ENTIREFY allows non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to effectively reach their target audience and deliver a training and information strategy to a large cohort of people. For NGOs working on large-scale projects, our system offers a user-friendly interface, content automation, an AI chatbot, and much more. Win more projects by using ENTIREFY as your reach platform, including in rural areas. ENTIREFY offers a system that covers a diverse range of requirements—from raising awareness among an audience to training staff and other stakeholders.

Simplifying training and growth.

A tech giant planning to introduce its new technology into the markets wanted to train around 800 employees, 7000 distributors and channel partners about its value proposition. It required a solution providing a constant ability to support its employees with questions and comments over the following years.

Said MNC opted for ENTIREFY as the solution to reach and teach its target audience. COPUBLICA Projects built the needed framework, added their content, branded certificates, and integrated the solution with an AI chatbot to enable the target audience to learn at their own pace.

An NGO wanted to train 2000 people from a war-torn country about the steel manufacturing industry and FMCG products about its processes, operations, markets, and much more. The NGO witnessed a very low conversion rate in its activity because it couldn't deliver the vision behind the initiative It wanted to educate the target audience so they would better understand its unique selling points and how it would be beneficial for them.

The NGO chose ENTIREFY because it can reach and teach large audiences in a fast and efficient way. The NGO now has a better learning management system that helps its target audience understand its mission, its vision, and the value of its training. The NGO started promoting the system built on ENTIREFY with its label and providing cloud-based access to the solution through its social media. This helped the NGO increase its engagement and learner retention rates.

The education ministry of a developing country wanted to reach 200,000 teachers, to upskill them with modern teaching techniques. The ministry needed a solution that worked on low internet bandwidth and a platform that was highly engaging, used AI tech for learner insights, and could provide specific and branded certificates.

It chose ENTIREFY as the solution to reach and teach this target audience. COPUBLICA-backed ENTIREFY built the needed content, created lessons and certificates, and offered chatbot conversations. ENTIREFY set up the solution for the ministry and asked it to share cloud-based access to the solution through social media and other PR mediums.

Reaching a multitude of people at once!

ENTIREFY was born to eradicate the day-to-day troubles our clients experienced, such as creating a scaled training approach and reaching out to a host of people in large projects. Often, they needed a way to train many people, like teachers, students, employees, ministries, and other stakeholders. They wanted a solution that could reach out to people in huge numbers and also handhold them into their value proposition.

We launched ENTIREFY in 2021 with our flagship solution, SUPERMANAGER.APP and SUPERTEACHER.IO, which run on a daily user increase rate of 500+. ENTIREFY allows users to reach millions of people easily. Our combination of an AI chatbot and WhatsApp chatbot allows organizations to streamline their interactions with the existing team, potential customers, and new users.

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Awesome features

AI-driven chatbot

Learn through your favourite applications. Our chatbot simplifies the learning process and integrates learning content into Whatsapp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger—making it easy and accessible for learners.

Micro learning

Maximize engagement and learning and deliver a ton of content in a short period through microlessons. The platform also allows authors to design tests or quizzes, and continually monitor their learner's progress, behaviour, and tendencies.

Easy browser access

We work with NGOs, businesses, and government agencies that often must deliver training to widely distributed audiences in places lacking reliable access to affordable broadband internet. ENTIREFY offers a cloud-based solution that works well even with limited internet access

Rich user interface

ENTIREFY comes with multiple dashboard systems–for authors, admin, and learners for easy streamlining of management work. Understand your learners better through analytics reports, make announcements to your audience about recent updates, and conduct webinars, and live training sessions– all in one place!


In distance learning scenarios, fluidity plays an important role. Considering this, ENTIREFY offers compatibility with multiple displays. It works effortlessly on phones, tablets, and desktops so that learners can learn anytime, anywhere!


Create micro lessons easily in a short span, make the audience clear on every subject by attaching e-learning content in all major formats(JPEG, PDF, youtube video, and video), and empower learners with rich study material.

Why us?

Scalability Teach more than 100,000 users at once
Onboarding time 0 Minutes
Course creation time > 15 Minutes
Adaptability Easy to use interface for beginners
Certifications Real time certifications in less than a minute
Retention rate < 72%
Analytics Analytics for user, mentor & admin
Low bandwidth 20% Less bandwidth as compared to traditional LMS
Accessiblity Desktops, tablets, mobile phones
Accustomed for Corporates, NGOs, educational institutions, government

Reach and teach about you, your value proposition, and your mission

ENTIREFY is a web-based Early Engagement Learning Management System (EES) for reaching masses for training, administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of educational courses or learning and development programs.

ENTIREFY allows organizations to redefine learning by helping them take their first steps into a new subject, typically through micro learning. Learners are introduced to a concept through a chatbot system and obtain real-time certification after completing each module. The engaging platform makes it easier for organizations to reach larger set of people, empowering them to take courses at their own pace, wherever and whenever it’s convenient.  

ENTIREFY resolves the following challenges within international development projects:

  • They include several complex processes
  • They require specific expertise in areas such as public procurement, legal and technical compliance
  • They are time-consuming and tedious.
  • Organizations want to follow the "silo approach" while doing business
  • Organizations wish to run their sales and partnership building processes

ENTIREFY is the brainchild of COPUBLICA, a veteran consultancy firm based in Denmark and specializing in large training projects.  

Entirefy is perfect for:

  • Simplifying training
  • Training with real-time reports
  • Real-time certification for your trainees
  • Create an engaging virtual training environment
  • Track trainee's performance
  • Enabling trainees to learn through any smartphone with internet access.
  • Create and train through interactive multimedia content; Use pdfs, ebooks, and videos to train users.
  • Maintaining a Cloud-based training platform
  • Converse with your readers through an AI chatbot
  • Going beyond traditional classrooms
  • Going live with an LMS platform to teach students

COPUBLICA acts as a building block to bridge the gap between our client's value proposition and potential leads. We help organizations build up the potential to reach broad masses with our product ENTIREFY. We have successfully played the role of a consultant that advises and supports the community through the complete process, from concept development to implementation.

The advantage for companies using ENTIREFY is:

  • Train large amounts of people in your value proposition or chosen topic.
  • Increase the awareness about your service or product
  • Easily onboard of employees, users and/or customers
  • Get a high open rate on your communication with your targets
  • Nudge people to understand your brand, mission and values
  • Get better traction on social media lead generation

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