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Amplifying value propositions with our voicebots and learning management system. At COPUBLICA, our cutting-edge technology serves as a catalyst, empowering organizations, institutions, and governments to revolutionize their value propositions. We pave the way for enhanced engagement, innovation, and value creation.



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Empowered by an intelligent voicebot, COPUBLICA's framework seamlessly manages employee training and content tracking, integrating counseling functionalities. Personalized training programs and micro-lessons are delivered effortlessly, enhancing learning experiences. Moreover, the platform assesses both individual and organizational learning goals, incorporating counseling elements to measure and enhance progress.

COPUBLICA's intelligent voicebot-infused platform not only motivates students with customizable content and various pedagogical models but also incorporates counseling aspects. This facilitates engaging learning experiences while allowing mentors to track learners' progress comprehensively, identifying gaps, participation levels, and time spent on courses.

COPUBLICA's integration of an intelligent voicebot revolutionizes government initiatives, offering upskilling opportunities alongside counseling aspects for public sector employees and stakeholders. By modernizing training through micro-lessons and dynamic engagement, it educates users on new developments while meticulously tracking progress and disseminating relevant, updated information seamlessly.

Addressing NGOs' diverse needs, COPUBLICA's advanced system, coupled with an AI chatbot, content automation, and user-friendly interfaces, integrates counseling features. From raising awareness to staff training in rural areas, COPUBLICA's comprehensive platform, enriched by an AI chatbot, efficiently fulfills varied requirements, encompassing counseling within its training and informational strategies.

Reaching a multitude of people at once!

At COPUBLICA, we are dedicated to specializing in the AI sector, crafting innovative solutions. Our primary focus lies in providing consultancy services tailored for various companies. We understand the crucial need for scalable counselling, training methods and effective communication in large-scale projects, catering to the diverse needs of teachers, students, employees, ministries and individuals. Clients seek solutions that engage vast audiences while guiding them through unique value propositions.

COPUBLICA serves as the gateway to seamlessly connect with millions. Our expertise lies in the fusion of conversational AI Bots and learning management systems, empowering organizations to streamline interactions across existing teams, potential customers, and new users. Our specialization in crafting AI voicebots and chatbots spans sectors like education, hospitality, and mental health, enabling us to tailor solutions precisely to meet distinct industry demands.

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AI conversational bots

Experience the power of our AI conversational bot, meticulously designed to offer intuitive ease of use across diverse sectors. Seamlessly facilitating counselling, training, and elevating hospitality experiences. our bot ensures simple yet comprehensive interactions, providing guidance and support.

Micro learning

Maximize engagement and learning and deliver a ton of content in a short period through microlessons. The platform also allows authors to design tests or quizzes, and continually monitor their learner's progress, behaviour, and tendencies.

Easy browser access

We work with NGOs, businesses, and government agencies that often must deliver training to widely distributed audiences in places lacking reliable access to affordable broadband internet. ENTIREFY offers a cloud-based solution that works well even with limited internet access

Rich user interface

ENTIREFY comes with multiple dashboard systems–for authors, admin, and learners for easy streamlining of management work. Understand your learners better through analytics reports, make announcements to your audience about recent updates, and conduct webinars, and live training sessions– all in one place!


In distance learning scenarios, fluidity plays an important role. Considering this, ENTIREFY offers compatibility with multiple displays. It works effortlessly on phones, tablets, and desktops so that learners can learn anytime, anywhere!


Create micro lessons easily in a short span, make the audience clear on every subject by attaching e-learning content in all major formats(JPEG, PDF, youtube video, and video), and empower learners with rich study material.

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A Safe Space for Teen Mental Health

Teenage years are filled with emotional ups and downs. From the pressures of school and social lives to raging hormones, it’s an intense time. Yet teens often feel misunderstood and unable to find help processing their feelings. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) conversational bots are stepping in.
Character.ai’s popular Psychologist bot has fielded over 18 million messages from users seeking mental health support. Many credit it with being a “lifesaver” for working through anxieties or depression. Why does this AI companion resonate so much with teenagers?

When a Mother Turned to AI for Answers – And Found Them

When 4-year-old Alex suffered from debilitating daily toothaches, his mother Courtney embarked on a relentless pursuit to diagnose the cause, according to details published by today.com. Numerous doctor visits over three years proved fruitless, leaving Alex’s pain and stunted growth unexplained. In desperation, Courtney turned to an unlikely source – artificial intelligence.
She shared Alex’s complex symptoms with ChatGPT, detailing the young boy’s mysterious tooth pain, chewing urges, and slowed development as reported by today.com. To Courtney’s surprise, the AI suggested the possibility of a rare neurological condition called tethered spinal cord syndrome.

Voicebots: A Strategic Tool for Enhancing Workplace Wellness and Productivity

In the business world, where employee well-being directly correlates with productivity, the Danish company COPUBLICA is making headlines with its innovative voicebot technology. This advanced, but simple, tool is designed to provide emotional support to individuals facing stress and mental health issues, aligning with the growing corporate focus on mental health.
COPUBLICA's voicebot stands out for its unique application in mental health support, a critical aspect of employee wellness. Research indicates a growing preference among individuals for voicebot interactions in mental health assistance due to their comfort, anonymity, and immediate accessibility. This preference is particularly relevant in the business context, where the stigma associated with traditional counseling can deter employees from seeking help

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